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Posted on March 31, 2016 at 9:00 AM

This property is slowly revealing its' secrets to us as we get to know it better.  Every year, something new will come to light that we hadn't seen before.  The year 2016 is upon us, and Spring has arrived in the mountains.  Leaves and buds are slowly emerging and everything is coming alive. 

On a hike in our woods on the property recently, we found an old spring head that we had never noticed before.  It was framed in large, beautiful square rocks and sturdily built and shielded by trees and rhododendron bushes.  A pipe from the spring head ran down, assisted by gravity,  to an old abandoned homesite at the bottom of our property, and supplied fresh water.  We were amazed that we had walked by that site many times and never noticed it.  As we dug around it with stout sticks, the water started flowing again.  It only needed a gently nudge to bubble up and continue on it's way south. 

We often go about our daily lives and don't notice the beauty that frames our view of life, or the history of the land and the people that came before us.  The lessons of history have much to teach us about how to live simply, how to be strong, how to provide for our needs without destroying our resources.  The spring head we found was obviously located by a prior homesteader, and they built the structure around it to not only supply them with water, but to create beauty and art.  They used gravity to feed the water to their home, and did not have to disturb the land too much to use this resource.   These are lessons I take to heart as we create our homestead here in the mountains.  It does not take much effort to prick the surface of something, to see its beauty flow forth.

As we do every spring, we've pruned our orchard trees, tilled and created the rows in our garden, and mapped out our garden plan for the year.  Our kitchen provides a warm spot in which to start our vegetables under grow lights, and they are thriving in the sunny windows there.  We are excited to soon get our new chicks next week, which will bring our flock to 17 in number.  The eggs they give us are nutritious and delicious. 

We hope to see you at the farm this year, and to share our bounty here with you.  Have a blessed Spring. 

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